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Today was fun

Today Michaela came over and we walked down to the 7eleven and got some slurpees. On on way back we stopped at my old elementary school and drank them on the picnic benches and talked. Then these guys on their bikes came by. There were 3, one was like 11, the other was about 16, and the last was like 18. The 16 year old was cute, him and the 18 year old had hair like Nick's (red, curly). They came by for a little bit and just rode aimlessly around. Then about 10 minutes later they came back and wouldn't leave, I was really close to cracking up so we just left to the rest of the playground. That was really fun, the swings broke my legs. Then we walked home.

Tonight I talked to Tim (my psuedo senior). A couple nights ago I had a dream that he died, it was so real, I was actually convinced that he had died until Saturday. We talked about boyfriends and we have a lot of the same problems with them. I forgot who it was but someone told me that what I need is a bad boyfriend, Jeff was so perfect I think that that's why it didn't work out with me and him.
Then I called Nick. I'm gonna miss him so much when he leaves for college. Stupid Seattle and their stupid smart colleges. Well, i'm bored now.

One more thing. To all the people who comment, I just wanna say thank you and I 'm sorry if I haven't been commenting on yours, I'm going to soon though.

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