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I should be sleeping right now!

Today was awesome. It started out with me going to church and a hanging out primarily with Michaela and not Eddie or Nick. The the church (those who wanted to come) then went to Cook Park and we had a yummy picnic. Then there were a bunch of baptisms and 5 minutes before they started Michaela and I decided we would get baptized too. So, we went up and got baptized in the freezing waters of the stream that they had there.

After that was all over I hopped in Nick's car with him and Eddie and we went down to Little Anita's (I think that was the name) and some yummy Mexican food. Then we went to my house and watched "Night At The Roxbury" and played fuseball. I won against Nick, Edddie was hard to beat though. The we went to the computer and watched funny things like Happy Tree Friends and listened to clips from Dane Cook and Nick Swardson, we listen to a few of Stephen Lynch's songs too.
Then we went outside and had pizza in my backyard on the swingset club house thing. We then proceeded to play "Ruler of the slide" and basically just pushed eachother off of it once someone else got up there. At one point we were all on it, and all of us started sliding down and I fell off backwards and grabbed Eddie's leg (while Nick was pushing him off), and he fell... on me; Not really on me though, it was more like he stepped on my chest on his way down. Oh my gosh that hurt a lot, if you are a girl, you would know the pain.
So then we ate more and played more slide king, then they left. Overall I had a really fun day, they were at my house for about 6 hours. This should happen more often.
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