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OK, so what happened today? Besides finishing my math homework (yay).

I went to this HS assembly where they told us that were selling magazines, we get a prize and cash profit:-D which rocks. Also, if we sell 6 magazine subscriptions we get to skip class and go to this blow up fun  house thing, thatrocks my socks off. While we were at the meeting I met this guy Stephen, ifound out from his friend and Michaela that he likes me, yay! He's really cute, and from what I know of him today he's nice and funny. This magazine thing is awesome, if we sell "x" amount we get this ride in a VIP limo thing! Ah! All the prizes and cash, it's cool.

Today in Bellisma we worked more on "Magnificat" by Donald Kendrick, it's so pretty, and the alto part is beautiful, the harmonies that happen, *shudders* they are so amazing.

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