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OK, so my day wasn't perfect but it was good. I really love my school this year, I don't know why, but it's really cool. Today went as normal, but Joselyn was talking to Caz! No! Caz is awesome (setting the record staright now, I do not like Caz like that). I hate Joselyn, for these reasons:

  • She is a poser
  • She is a bitch
  • She is a slut
  • She kicked the crap out of Eric for no reason
  • She is a stupid girl who needs her sister to stick up for her
  • She made out with her best friends boyfriend at the Valentines dance

Ah! I hate my Dad! I was suppoused to see Napoleon Dynamite tomorrow with Shawn! AHHHHHHHHH! He is an asshole! I hate this! Why not? Because you 14 and he's 17! Who cares?!?!?! I went to a middle school/ high school, he can't expect me to seclude myself from the odler people! Thsi is such bullshit! Shawn is graduating this year! He doesn't even go to my school anymore! I haven't seen him since May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so messed up! AHhhhh!


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