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Ok, so about last night and the concert.

I went to see The Matches at the Climax Lounge at 7. I went with Joanna (she knows Shawn's, the lead singer, sister) and Joanna's friend Julie. I don't really like Julie that much, I guess I do but I don't respect her. She wanted to buy a Matches shirt just so she could have proof that she went to the concert, I don't even think that she liked the band. Anyway, we got there and it was really smokey, the opening band didn't really serve as a crown pumper but they were good. The second band (Dr. Neptune) was retty good too, the lead singer kept having these spaz attcaks and he was hitting himself in the head, it was so funny. Then finally, The Matches came on. They played 2 songs that I've never heard before, and everything on their CD except More Than Local Boys. It was so cool, we were in the very front of the mosh pit and right near them. When they would lean into the audience their spit and sweat would fall onto us, I know that sounds gross but I don't care. Julie was not ahppy about being in the pit, she was getting really annoyed at the people pushing her, I was having so  much fun. I had an awesome time, I know I've said that a lot, but it was so frickin cool. I'm gonna skip around a lot in this entry. When we first got there and were waiting to get in the door, we saw Shawn and we went and got him and he stayed in line with us the whole time talking to us. Then he gave me a hug . I saw the bass player for the third time this summer, he is sexy, no ohter words could describe him. I got Justin (bass) and Matt (drums) to sign my shirt, I already had Shawn and Jon's signature from the first concert I went to of theirs. Then at the end of the concert I got free stickers from Shawn and he signed them with things like "VIP" and "backstage pass". They are so cool, I love them! The mosh pit was fun too, I wanted to get some bruises from it so I could have somehting to show, but I didn't :-(

So, now I'm in the library with Carley on my free period, yet again. I saw Stephen and he hthen remembered that I was the girl who was James at the concert (hamilton band orchestra concert). I don't want to be thought of like that, I'm pretty sure people think a lot more happened than what did. The extent of our flirting was his hand on my leg, nothing more. That really sucks, I do not want to be looked upon like that.

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