Mandi (3risks) wrote,

My photobucket

Sorry for this other update, but it's my photobucket where I had too much time on Sunday and Monday night, and too much room on my camera's card. So here is my boredom, from me to you.

Want to see more? Come to my photobaucket:



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purdy :)
Ah! Thank you
I really like your eyes. I wish my eyes were a nice color. Brown is...boring.
Thank you. Brown is a pretty color, only in eyes though. And sometimes hair
oh my goodness you have a miniture schauzer? so do i! his name is dooley. hehe.
Omg! That's awesome! Mine's name is Lucky. Yay, we are cool.
but of course.
extremely pretty :)
Thank you ♥
aw pretty pics!
theyre so cute :P
Thanks ^_^
wicked cool pictures!!

x <3
Thank you
lookin' good amanda... but I have to say, you take WAY to many pictures of yourself
Do you know how bored I was? My dog was on a walk and I didn't want to go outside because it was too sunny. I was so bored
nice! *says with crazy australian accent*
So that's what happens when you are bored?
What happens to me, is I do much more pointless things such as lamenting over lost love, lol.
Dibae! You commented! I love your icon by the way. Ya, this is me with a camera bored... I have to keep it at my dad's now so that doesn't happen again.