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This weekend was really fun. First, on Friday I went to "Napoleon Dynamite" with Carley, Olivia, Michaela, Liz, Eve, Carley's friend Even, and Fuji. It was so funny, I love it now.

Then Michaela, me, my brothers, my fahza, and my brother's friend Dominique (Dom) drove up to the mountains. The next day we went to Winter Park and me and Michaela walked around the base for while. At night we went to see "Without a Paddle" which wasn't as funny as I had hoped, we were the only ones in the theater that got the Creed joke. Then we waited near the concession stand for my dad to pick us up. We met this really cool guy named Tanner and next time I go up I'm gonna hang out with him (we exchanged numbers, this wasn't hopeful thinking). Then I got a Mary Jane hoodie.

Now I'm sitting here arguing with my dad because he is an alopiu hole. I was supposed to go to Taste of Colorado with the posse today, but I couldn't go. I did however get to go "bike riding" with Kelly today. I got a bracelet and then I bought one for my secret person in Bellisima.

So confused....

Ok, adding on to this entry. I went on this hugely muddy bike course on my brothers bike with Michaela and I fell twice. My hands had rocks and mud in them, it hurt. I felt special because it was bleeding and the mud started turning red. I felt tough, especially when I had all of this mud on my jeans and on the side of my face.
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