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Love is only a feeling, When I'm in your arms I start believing

But love is only a feeling anyway

20 July
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My name is Amanda, I'm a freshman at Denver School Of the Arts and I'm a vocal major. Vitaliy is my boyfriend. I'm a vegetarian. My favorite bands of all time are: Chevelle, Seether, The Stills, Joss Stone (not a band, but oh well), Day Two, The Offspring, and last but not at all least, Dresden Dolls. I love Steve Oedekerk and his movies (Kung Pow and the thumb movies). I'm a disney freak and I love those movies. My favorite movies of all time, in no order, would have to be Thumbelina (animated), Fern Gully (animated), Interview With A Vampire, and *Edward Scissorhands*
I also love Ian Thorpe, I think is an amazing athelete, plus he's so hot

"Pain is just a state of mind" -Criss Angel

"Love is only a feeling, when I'm in your arms I start believing. But love is only a feeling anyway" -The Darkness

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men." -Alice Cooper

"She Led Him To Her Room Made Of Stars And He Fallowed Without Question" -Swim Suit add

A funny song by Stephen Lynch: http://www.whatarerecords.com/sl/Kittensong/

Me and Carley

I adopted a cute lil' viking fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Me and Michaela
Thumbelina, my favorite animated movie of all time.
The love of my life
Me at school
You are a Siren. More adventurous than all with a
voice like no other you sit on warm rocks and
sing to the moon and sea. Yet sometimes
shipwrecks find you and raving men want you.
You are a bottle of talent and power. What the
unknown is you seek to find, and a lover. You
have the moon and stars as freinds. There are a
very few of you, what a rare find. Will you
rate my quiz, I think your voice in just

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