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Wow, Nick's been reading my LJ. Didn't see that one coming. That's good though, if Eddie's gonnna be clueless, his other half shouldn't. Nick wrote me this emial too. It was really sweet, all about how I could talk to him about this if I needed and stuff. Man, I'm really gonna miss him.

Last night was fun. Michaela, Joanna, Eddie, Nick and I went up on the roof. I didn't hurt myself this time either :-D. Then we played some kind of ball game in the basement. Steven came, he's cool. He has cool hair AND eyes. They are both blue. Then I left and gave Eddie and Nick a hug, well, 2 for Eddie actually. I was really sad when I left, I guess I was hoping to get something accomplished, I don't know though.

I have homework to do now but first. Last night I found out from Joanna that Joselyn's been talking about me. I stopped with her! She's only doing it because she likes Stephen, and he likes me (by the way he called me last night and I actually talked on the phone). Blast her, I can't even think of anything that she could hold against me, that's definitely a relief. I don't have to worry now. Hwoever I am worried about not getting this stupid homework done. Bye

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