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Joselyn is still talking about me. But you know what? I don't care anymore, let her

Well, the day itself actually sucked, school at least. Biology was fun though, I got to talk to Brittany a  lot more, we worked with Lee on this class assignment thing( if you know Lee you know it was randomly fun). It was Joanna's birthday today. Happy Birthday Joanna! I have to get her a present, something to do with our inside jokes....

I just got this really encouraging e mail from Nick, that's good. Wow, I'm gonna miss him so much, only 8 more days till he leaves.... That really sucks. Ok, need to get back in happy mood.

Yay! I have my seconds part (My new part in Magnificant) down! we only worked on it for like 20 minutes today, I was really happy, we have part checks tomorrow so hopefully I'll be ready for those. But yay! I get to hear Julie, Tim,  Aaron sing. They're are all seniors, I'm gonna miss them so much when they leave. I love them all, man, that will suck. But at least they invited me to graduation so I can see them then and if any of the stay for the summer, we can finally have that tofu party Tim was talking about.

Ok, I'm really happy.

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